Gas Fireplace Installation NJ

Many decisions are made during renovations or when building a new home. You might be thinking about gas fireplace installation, which has multiple benefits. Compared to wood, you don’t need to stack or stoke logs. To power a gas fireplace on, you simply press a button or flip a switch. Modern versions use a thermostat or remote control. Gas fireplace installation provides steady heat, saves energy, and is easier to maintain. Newer models save energy, burn cleaner, and are environmentally friendly. If you lose power during a winter storm, ask our gas fireplace techs if your unit will still work. On top of all these advantages, you also add architectural appeal to a space. A new or replacement gas fireplace can go in various locations of your property. We have installed units in bedrooms and bathrooms in New Jersey homes and businesses. Our licensed and insured technicians work with outdoor gas fireplaces. We also install structurally designed propane or natural gas firepits. 

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    Gas Fireplace Insert Installation New Jersey

    You can choose from various styles of gas fireplaces that best suit you. Our technicians install direct vents that look like a built-in fireplace. Freestanding units look like old-fashioned wood-heated stoves. If you have an existing fireplace, we can convert it to gas with our installation services. You can choose an insert or box that goes inside the hearth and uses the chimney. A wood-to-gas conversion fireplace makes things easier on you. Rooms also stay cleaner with less dust and debris. We can also install and place a set of gas logs in an existing wooden fireplace. Our professionals will drill holes to the gas lines for heat. You can also choose ceramic coal, stones, or rocks to create a look you love with flames.

    New or Replacement Installs

    New Jersey gets cold in the winter, and having a gas fireplace can easily add ambiance and heat. Not only do you feel warm, but you also get to look at a charming glow in a style you love. Let our gas fireplace technicians beautify your room with new or replacement installs. We also can add an outdoor firepit or gas fireplace. You can enjoy chilly nights and entertain guests sitting around a fire. Having an outdoor space you love is important, and we strive to deliver you a sanctuary. Let us know what ideas for gas fireplace installation you have in mind. Our professional technicians will bring your vision to life.

    Contact us to create a stylish element by adding a new gas fireplace to your home or business. You can send in the form to request a free quote or give us a call. Gas Fireplace Guys NJ looks forward to hearing from you!

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