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    We are a local gas fireplace service company providing our customers with the best possible service. We have been in business for many years and are experts in gas fireplace installation, cleaning, maintenance and repair.

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    Homeowners and businesses often wonder, “who fixes gas fireplaces?” As an additional heat source, it’s important for your unit to operate effectively. If you need gas fireplace repair in New Jersey, you can trust our family-owned company to keep you safe and warm. Having an experienced professional perform repairs saves you time. Scheduling routine maintenance prevents further problems when it gets cold outside. Gas Fireplace Guys NJ cleans and troubleshoots units regularly to avoid emergency repairs. Customers often call for service, saying their gas fireplace won’t light. Our technicians may have to repair or replace the burner, ignition, or pilot. Older gas fireplaces may need a new key valve installed or other parts replaced. We inspect both indoor and outdoor units to make sure they function correctly. With over five years of experience, our company works on most major brands and models.

    Gas Fireplace Service NJ

    Our licensed and insured technicians fix different types of gas fireplaces and pits. We provide repair services to residential and commercial properties throughout New Jersey. If your system uses natural gas or propane, our experts can repair it. We fix direct vent, inserts, freestanding systems, logs, and stones. Depending on the safety inspection, certain parts may need to be repaired or replaced. Gas fireplace components may include sensors, piping, gaskets, connections, grates, or glass. Our experts also test for carbon monoxide during any gas fireplace repair service. If you experience a gas leak, cut the service if you can. Then, contact your utility provider immediately. They can check your property if the leak is elsewhere and prevent grave danger. The provider will assess the area but won’t repair any units in your home. If your gas fireplace has a leak, call us for repair service, and we’ll take care of it. Often, our techs need to seal the glass doors or thoroughly clean all the buildup. We offer free quotes on all gas fireplace repairs in New Jersey. Let us know what’s going on, and our technicians can determine the problem.

    Repair Service For Gas Fireplace NJ

    When you need reliable and knowledgeable service for your gas fireplace, our techs are here for you! We specialize in the repair, service and maintenance of all types of gas fireplaces, indoor and outdoor, as well as installation. Whether you are looking to get your fireplace in shape for the season, or if you are having issues such as the pilot light not working, reach out and give us a call. We can schedule a convenient time to come examine and repair your issue and get your gas fireplace up and running again. If you are searching for “gas fireplace repair near me”, we are near you! Located in Central Jersey, we service all of New Jersey and the tri-state region. 

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    Complete Gas Fireplace Services New Jersey

    Gas fireplaces add comfort and charm to homes and different types of businesses. Growing in popularity, you often see residences, restaurants, and hotels with gas fireplaces. These contemporary heating units add purposeful décor to indoor and outdoor spaces. We provide complete gas fireplace services across the entire state of New Jersey. Our technicians can help you decide on the best solution that suits your needs. We’re familiar with most makes and models of gas fireplaces. 

    If you want a new source of heat to keep you cozy during the winter, we offer gas fireplace installation. You can upgrade your space with a direct vent style, which can be installed in nearly any room. Our licensed and insured technicians also work with inserts for existing fireplaces. A gas insert gets installed inside the masonry and uses the chimney. Instead of burning wood in the fireplace, you can convert it to gas or propane. Fireplace inserts save time and energy because you don’t have to stack wood. You also will not have as big a mess with soot and debris that you need to clean up from the fire. We also professionally install freestanding gas fireplaces. These units use a direct vent system and look similar to a wood stove. 

    Gas Fireplace Guys NJ also services and repairs units after a safety inspection. We’ll go over what parts we need to fix or replace if needed. Our technicians can fix gas fireplaces that won’t light or have a leak. Natural gas leaks typically require us to seal the heating unit. We also replace broken parts inside or outside of the gas fireplace. Glass, masonry, tiles, and logs are examined and repaired. We recommend annual gas fireplace maintenance and cleaning services. Having our technicians do a routine diagnosis ensures safety and no malfunctions. We test oxygen sensors and for carbon monoxide. You can get a free estimate on any of our complete gas fireplace services across New Jersey.

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    We take our work seriously, and know that providing our customers with the best possible service will lead to more work and referrals. Please fill out a request for service if you are in need of assistance for your gas fireplace, or give us a call today! We appreciate you reaching out! 

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    Gas Fireplace Guys NJ offers installation, maintenance, cleaning, and repair services. Our licensed and insured technicians specialize in gas fireplaces. We have vast knowledge working with most brands and models. We are a local, family-owned, and operated company serving the state of New Jersey. In business for over five years, we have experience with indoor and outdoor units. Our gas fireplace technicians service residential and commercial customers. You’ll get competitive prices along with fast and friendly professionals. Take advantage of our complete range of services no matter where you are in New Jersey. Our top priority is your safety when we provide any gas fireplace service. Our experts work neat and clean so that you won’t be left with a mess. We also offer complimentary estimates to South, North, and Central Jersey. We provide year-round gas fireplace services to the Garden State no matter the season.

    Gas Fireplace Installation New Jersey

    Having a gas fireplace adds beauty and provides an additional source of heat. You won’t have to exert the same effort as you do with wood. Gas fireplace installation also offers a cleaner source of burning. If you’ve been thinking about adding a warm touch to a room, we can help you. Hire us to install a new or replacement gas fireplace in New Jersey. Our local company can go over the multiple options you have. We have licensed and insured gas fireplace technicians with years of experience. Primarily, our residential and commercial customers have us install indoor units. You can also have us install an outdoor gas fireplace or fire pit on your property. Homes and businesses can add a structure to entertain guests on a patio or deck. 

    gas fireplace cleaning New Jersey

    Gas Fireplace Insert Installation Service NJ

    We’ll describe the different types of gas fireplaces, and you can weigh your options.

    • Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Installation

    Built-ins are the most popular units and add architectural appeal to rooms. Even though built-in gas fireplaces are prefabricated, they come in many styles. Direct vents are energy efficient, and most still run in a power outage. You can choose from traditional, modern, or elegant designs. Built-in gas fireplaces don’t require a chimney and can be installed in different areas of the house, as well. You can even add one to your master bedroom or bath. Let our gas fireplace technicians know where you want a built-in. We’ll let you know if the space will work during a free estimate. Mainly, this type of gas fireplace installation occurs during renovations. We also add these to new homes being constructed. Direct vents have a combust and exhaust sealed system that uses outdoor air. Built-in direct vent gas fireplaces have either a tempered or ceramic glass front. Both types of glass resist extreme temperatures.

    • Standalone or Freestanding Gas Fireplace

    You also have location flexibility with a standalone or freestanding gas fireplace. You can choose a direct vent standalone unit that looks similar to a wood stove. Freestanding gas fireplaces provide adequate heat and are energy efficient. Various styles can add a rustic or contemporary element to your New Jersey property. Our gas fireplace technicians will look at your home or business and give you a free quote.

    • Gas Fireplace Insert Installation

    An insert is an easier option for buildings with an existing wood fireplace. Gas fireplace installation takes a retrofitted box and places it into the hearth. Inserts use the chimney for ventilation. The original masonry holds the gas fireplace insert in place and converts it from wood. You don’t have to worry about stacking and stoking wood to keep the fire going. You turn gas fireplaces on and off with a switch, button, or remote control. Some units can be adjusted through the thermostat. Contact Gas Fireplace Guys NJ to discuss your options. 

    • Artificial Log Sets and Heating Alternatives

    If you don’t want an insert on your original fireplace, we can install ceramic gas logs. Artificial logs have a burner and sit inside the wooden fireplace, presented in a stack. Our gas fireplace technicians install ceramic logs that vent up through the chimney. This type of gas fireplace installation gives you the most affordable choice. Alternatives to logs are sparkling chips of tempered glass, ceramic coal, or stones.

    There are various choices for your gas fireplace installation in New Jersey. Choose between a new built-in, freestanding style, insert, or logs. Reach out to tell us what you have in mind and get a free quote.

    Gas Fireplace Maintenance and Troubleshooting New Jersey

    Our company recommends annual maintenance and troubleshooting on your unit. The most common problem is when a gas fireplace won’t light. You can first reference your manufacturer’s manual for troubleshooting. The guide will have instructions on resetting the gas fireplace to start it. You’ll get information about the ignitor and pilot with steps to take to light the unit. You might not have access to the manual or can’t fix the problems. Contact us for gas fireplace maintenance and troubleshooting in New Jersey. Our technicians will come to your residence or business to diagnose the issues. We will take readings, adjust the settings, and check if you need any gas fireplace repairs. Part of our maintenance service includes inspecting the unit for a gas leak. Our gas fireplace technicians also test for carbon monoxide to ensure you’re safe.

    Other gas fireplace maintenance includes a general inspection where we check the parts. We’ll look at the exhaust vents, ignitor, and pilot. Our techs thoroughly inspect the interior and exterior of the gas fireplace. We look for splits and corrosion that may cause issues with the unit and clear out the tubes. The logs or stones are inspected for burn holes during the gas fireplace service. Any loose pieces on the hearth and chimney will be brought to your attention. Our licensed and insured technicians also check for blockage in the ventilation. We also carefully examine the glass for cracks, scratches, or other damage. If you rarely use your gas fireplace, maintenance every three years is okay. Having regular service prepares you for cold New Jersey winters. You can trust our local gas fireplace company to guarantee your heating works.

    Gas Fireplace Cleaning Service New Jersey

    While gas fireplaces burn cleaner than wood, they still need cleaning service. Dust and debris can settle on the ceramic logs over the summer. If you start the unit when it first gets cold without maintenance, it may smell. It’s best to have your indoor gas fireplace cleaned and inspected every fall in New Jersey. You’ll stay safe and warm during the winter with annual maintenance. Our gas fireplace cleaning services cover direct vents, freestanding stoves, and ceramic logs. Have us perform a professional and thorough service on your unit to keep it functioning.

    Our gas fireplace technicians brush off and vacuum any dust and debris. We clean the ceramic logs, stones, coal, and tempered glass. The glass gets cleaned with a professional-grade solution, and we get rid of soot, dirt, and grime. Gas Fireplace Guys NJ carefully cleans the interior and exterior of the unit. The cleaning service includes the box, burner, and individual components. During this annual service, we inspect and maintain the gas fireplace. Our gas fireplace cleaning service also includes safety measures. We’ll perform tests to prepare for the New Jersey winter.

    Gas Fireplace Service New Jersey

    Gas Fireplace Insert Service and Repairs

    You may have had an existing wood fireplace converted to gas that needs attention. Our gas fireplace technicians will come to your New Jersey property to look at it. After we see the problem, we can go over possible solutions for you. We offer a variety of gas fireplace insert services and repairs. Some customers decide to get a replacement or wood conversion depending on the issue. Our professionals will discuss gas fireplace insert service and repairs with you. You can weigh the costs and choose if you want us to fix or replace the gas fireplace.

    Sometimes, the problem isn’t major, and you don’t need new gas fireplace installation. The insert may only need maintenance, cleaning, or repair service. Having a professional technician who fixes gas fireplaces saves you time and stress. Our local company has competitive pricing and services all of New Jersey. General gas fireplace services include cleaning, maintenance, and inspections. We also fix and replace pilots, burners, gaskets, and logs. Our gas fireplace technicians offer free quotes on insert service and repairs. Contact us if your residential or commercial property’s fireplace needs attention.

    What is a Gas Fireplace and How Does it Work?

    A gas fireplace is a unit that gives homes or businesses an additional source of heat. Gas fireplaces add architectural appeal, warmth, and ambiance to your New Jersey property. The units use natural gas or propane to operate. You don’t burn any wooden logs or have to exert effort to start a fire. To turn on a gas fireplace, you either press a button or flip a switch. Some newer models use remote controls to power on and off. Gas Fireplace Guys NJ also has experience working with units that use a thermostat. Styles include traditional or contemporary for indoor or outdoor settings.

    Gas fireplaces provide efficient heat and are environmentally friendly. Many of these units still run if the power goes out. There are different types of gas fireplaces that our technicians service. We also service propane and natural gas firepits if you have one outdoors on your property. If your New Jersey home or business has an existing wood fireplace, we can install an insert. This system is a box that sits inside the hearth and uses the chimney for exhaust. We can install stacks of gas logs, rocks, stones, or glass. 

    We also work with direct vent gas fireplaces, called built-ins, prefabricated. These units have a sealed chamber and use outdoor air for ventilation. The combustion and exhaust system doesn’t need a chimney. A built-in gas fireplace looks like actual wood but isn’t part of the original home. We also work with standalone systems for gas fireplace installation. Freestanding units use direct vents and give you flexibility as to where to install them.

    When to Call for Service for Your Gas Fireplace?

    You should call for service as soon as your gas fireplace begins to malfunction. If you suspect a gas leak, act immediately due to potential danger. Shutting off the gas prevents carbon monoxide poisoning, which has no smell. This dangerous gas can result in death, and you should call for service as soon as possible. Calling your utility provider can rule out a gas leak in the neighborhood. If your gas fireplace chamber becomes unsealed, contact us for service to prevent a fire.

    For this reason, we recommend annual gas fireplace maintenance. A yearly inspection ensures the unit is in working order. Rarely used gas fireplaces should be serviced every three years. Before starting any unit that hasn’t been used in some time, call for service for your gas fireplace. Also, if you move into a new home in New Jersey, our technicians can inspect the system. 

    When your gas fireplace won’t light, you may have an issue with the pilot or spark ignitor. Sometimes, the pilot system blows out and can be reset by referring to your manufacturer’s manual. If troubleshooting doesn’t work, and you need help, contact Gas Fireplace Guys NJ. We will come and diagnose the unit and repair or replace parts. Instead of doing it yourself, it’s best to hire a professional who fixes gas fireplaces.

    Areas We Service

    Gas Fireplace Guys NJ services the entire state of New Jersey year-round. Winters can get very cold in the Garden State. Our service area covers Central, North, and South Jersey. We provide complete residential and commercial gas fireplace services. Our locally owned company has licensed and insured technicians with years of experience. You can contact us for professional gas fireplace installation, service, and repair. We also perform cleaning and maintenance services for gas fireplaces. Contact us if you’re moving into a home in New Jersey with a gas fireplace or are renovating. Please fill out our online form to get a complimentary estimate or call. We look forward to helping you with any gas fireplace services you need!